H&Y RevoRing 67-82mm Variable ND3-ND1000 and CPL (HY-RNC82)

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H&Y RevoRing 67-82mm Variable ND3-ND1000 and CPL (HY-RNC82)

The H&Y RevoRing 67-82mm filter is a variable ND3-ND1000 and CPL filter.H&Y has combined the RevoRing variable adapter ring technology with the variable ND and Circular Polarizer combination filter. This combination saves you a lot of time and money, as you can use this filter for multiple lenses and for multiple purposes.

This filter system is ideal for capturing both stationary and moving subjects thanks to its wide range of dynamic power, from ND3 to ND1000. This is equivalent to 1.5 to 10 stops of light correction.

Furthermore, the filter is equipped with an Anti-Fingerprint and Waterproof Nano-Coating that protects it when you are out and about. It also features an Anti-Reflective Coating, which eliminates lens flare and reflection.

Features of the H&Y RevoRing 67-82mm Variable ND3-ND1000 and CPL (HY-RNC82)

  • Combination of variable filter adapter and ND3-ND1000 + CPL filter
  • ND3 - ND1000 equals 1.5 - 10 stops
  • Anti-Fingerprint and Waterproof Nano-Coating
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Adapter size: 67-82mm

Package contents

  • H&Y RevoRing 67-82mm Variable ND3-ND1000 and CPL (HY-RNC82)





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