Manfrotto Advanced2 Hybrid Backpack M

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Manfrotto Advanced2 Hybrid Backpack M

The Manfrotto Advanced2 Hybrid Backpack M is a very versatile bag, with space for your equipment and all kinds of accessories. The bag has space for an SLR or mirrorless camera, two lenses and extra accessories. Moreover, it also fits a 14-inch laptop and 9.7 inch tablet. You can put your tripod on the outside of the bag and you can secure it with the appropriate straps.

The Manfrotto Advanced2 Hybrid Backpack M is a 3-in-1 bag, which means that you can use the bag as a backpack, shoulder bag or handbag. If you want to use it as a shoulder bag, you can attach the shoulder strap to the bag or remove the two shoulder straps from the back compartment to use it as a backpack. In addition, the bag is equipped with handles to use it as a handbag. When you use the bag as a backpack, you don't have to take it off your back all the time if you want to grab your camera, because you can also open the bag on the side. You can also use the bag as a regular backpack, you simply remove the camera pouch from the bag. The dividers are very thickly lined, so the bag can take a beating and your equipment is well protected. Your equipment is also protected against the rain, as the Advanced2 is made of water-resistant material. In addition, a rain cover is included for extreme weather.

Main features of the Manfrotto Advanced2 Hybrid Backpack M:

  • Space for an SLR or mirrorless camera with two lenses
  • Versatile 3-in-1 bag
  • Can be used as a backpack, shoulder bag or handbag
  • Space for a laptop and tablet
  • Main compartment accessible from the side
  • Can be arranged by individual dividers
  • Camera pouch removable

Supplied as standard with the Manfrotto Advanced2 Hybrid Backpack M:

  • Manfrotto Advanced2 Hybrid Backpack M
  • Shoulder strap
  • Rain cover
  • Distributors
  • Two-year warranty





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Technische Daten

Geeignet fürSystem- & SpiegelreflexkameraAllgemein
Typ VerschlussReißverschlussAllgemein
Typ TascheRucksackAllgemein
WasserdichtJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
LaptopfachJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
Max. Bildschirmgröße Laptop (Zoll)14Materielle Eigenschaften
SchultergurtJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
TabletfachJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
Max. Tabletgröße (Zoll)9.7Materielle Eigenschaften
KapazitätGehäuse + 2 ObjektiveMaterielle Eigenschaften
Entnehmbares Fach/TascheJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
WasserabweisendJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
Direkter seitlicher ZugriffJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
BidonfachJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
Inklusive RegenschutzJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
Gewicht (g)1,200.0Materielle Eigenschaften
FarbeSchwarzMaterielle Eigenschaften
Variable FächerJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
Breite Außenseite (cm)28.0Materielle Eigenschaften
Höhe Außenseite (cm)43.0Materielle Eigenschaften
Länge Außenseite (cm)19.0Materielle Eigenschaften
Breite Innenseite (cm)27.0Materielle Eigenschaften
Höhe Innenseite (cm)42.0Materielle Eigenschaften
Länge Innenseite (cm)15.0Materielle Eigenschaften