F-Stop DuraDiamond Tilopa Essentials Bundle Anthrazit

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F-Stop DuraDiamond Tilopa Bundle Anthracite

The F-Stop DuraDiamond Tilopa is a new camera bag from F-Stop's iconic Mountain Series. The backpack has a capacity of 50 litres and is ideal for travelling or long adventures. The F-Stop DuraDiamond Tilopa is a versatile and sturdy backpack perfect for photographers who like to take a lot of equipment with them.

The new backpacks are made of the exclusive and patented DuraDiamond fabric. The fabric is lighter, more weather resistant and stronger than the fabric of F-Stop's previous camera bags. A combination of T6 aluminium and plastic hardware provides added strength to critical wear and mounting points. The DuraDiamond Tilopa offers good protection from the elements thanks to the DuraDiamond material, welds in key places and weather-resistant zips. An aluminium frame provides more wearing comfort. The aluminium frame transfers the weight of the backpack to the hips, so you can easily carry the backpack all day long. The adjustable clip-in chest strap also ensures a stable, comfortable fit. The foam in the shoulder straps and hip belt ensures that the straps do not pinch and are comfortable.

The F-Stop DuraDiamond Tilopa has better organization capabilities than ever before. The backpack has an incredible variety of storage options. Compared to previous versions, the DuraDiamond Tilopa has added improved organization and storage features to the pockets, top and back panel. The updated back panel features four welded pockets with magnetic closures, a lined pocket with magnetic closures, slots for media cards, and more. The F-Stop DuraDiamond Tilopa also has a padded laptop sleeve in the back panel. Additional zip pockets provide easy access to important parts such as batteries and cables. The side pockets on the outside hold water bottles and other items. Inside, there are Velcro mesh pockets for small essentials. With the detachable side straps you can easily secure photo equipment such as tripods or light tripods. This F-Stop DuraDiamond Tilopa Bundle comes with a bag divider from F-Stop: the Pro Large. The divider ensures that equipment in the backpack does not move and stays in place. This bundle also includes a large rain cover, so the backpack and its contents are protected against heavy rain showers. The Ajna (37L) and the Shinn (80L) are also new to the Mountain Series.

Features of the F-Stop DuraDiamond Tilopa Bundle Anthracite

  • Content: 50 litres
  • Made of light, strong and weather resistant DuraDiamond fabric
  • Lots of organising options
  • Length of torso fixed: 39.5 cm
  • Dimensions: 59.7 x 35.6 x 30.5 cm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg


  • F-Stop DuraDiamond Tilopa Anthracite
  • Pro Large bag divider
  • Large rain cover





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Geeignet fürUniversell einsetzbarAllgemein
Typ VerschlussReißverschlussAllgemein
Typ TascheRucksackAllgemein
LaptopfachJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
Entnehmbares Fach/TascheJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
WasserabweisendJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
Direkter seitlicher ZugriffJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
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Material außenNylonMaterielle Eigenschaften
Gewicht (g)2,200.0Materielle Eigenschaften
FarbeSchwarzMaterielle Eigenschaften
Inklusive HüftgurtelJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
Inklusive SeitentascheJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
Variable FächerJaMaterielle Eigenschaften
Breite Außenseite (cm)30.5Materielle Eigenschaften
Höhe Außenseite (cm)59.7Materielle Eigenschaften
Länge Außenseite (cm)36.5Materielle Eigenschaften