Nodal Ninja Mecha E1 Rotator mit Single Axis Controller

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Nodal Ninja

Nodal Ninja Mecha E1 rotator with single-axis controller

The Nodal Ninja Mecha E1 rotator with single-axis controller is an automatic rotator for panoramic photography. With the light, quiet and power-efficient Mecha E1 and the single-axis controller, you can automatically rotate your panorama head for an extra stable and even image. The motorized rotator has a load capacity of up to 2 kg. This makes it suitable for use with the Nodal Ninja 3 mark II and mark III and with the R1, R10, R20 and RS1.

The controller is used to control the rotator. This controller features Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows remote control of your rotator. In addition, you can connect up to three controllers together and use the three buttons on the controller to use presets that you can set via the web page interface. The controller also provides insight into the remaining battery capacity using 5 LED lights. It also features a CAM port with opto-isolated trigger for focus and shutter release.

Features of the Nodal Ninja Mecha E1 rotator with single-axis controller:

  • Automated rotator for panoramic photography
  • Rotator including remote control with built-in battery and charger
  • Compatible with NCR18650GA batteries, 7.2v, 3350mAh, 12Wh
  • Wi-Fi compatibility for remote control and use of presets
  • 5 LED lights for insight into power consumption
  • 3 Buttons for using presets
  • Maximum load capacity: 2 kg

Compatible with:

In the Box:

  • Nodal Ninja Mecha E1 rotator with single-axis controller
  • 2 Year Warranty





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