Paterson contact printer 6x6/20x25cm

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Paterson Photographic

Paterson contact printer 6x6/20x25cm

With the Paterson contact printer 6x6/20x25cm negatives can easily be placed in slots on the mask of the printer. The resulting contact sheet makes it easy to choose which negatives to magnify. A full film of 36mm, 35mm or 120 shots can be made on one 8x10" sheet of paper.  The 35mm model makes six strips of 6 exposures. 

During use, the glass plate is hinged upwards and the negatives are secured in the slots on the edges of the black mask that are on the lower surface of the glass. The margin numbers on the film are visible through the mask allowing them to be printed on the sheet of printing paper. A sheet of photographic printing paper is inserted with the emulsion side up into the contact printer. The foam pad ensures that the print on the paper is in full contact with the negatives as soon as the glass plate has been cut closed.

Features of the Paterson contact printer 6x6/20x25cm:

  • Rubber feet at the back prevent slipping
  • Negative slots allow for easy positioning
  • Glass printing plate holds the film firmly for maximum print sharpness
  • There is extra space available for technical data

In the Box:

  • Paterson contact printer 6x6/20x25cm







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